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About us

At Historiks we are passionate about moving images and history, so we decided to combine our two passions in one website. A website where we post interesting videos about history we have discovered on the internet. The Historiks team is a small but dedicated team lead by a master in modern history. If you like our Historiks website, please feel free to tell us. If you know interesting videos about history and you feel these videos should be put on the Historiks website, please do not hesitate to mail us. You can reach us via info@historiks.com.



Important notice about the videos on Historiks:
Posting a video on Historiks does not imply that we garantuee the historical correctness of the video or its content. Some historical criticisme is suggested, recommended and/or required when viewing some of the videos on Historiks.



Important notice about this website:
This website has no commercial purposes and is only created for educational purposes for and educational use by students and persons with an interest in history. Pictures and videos (like e.g. documentaries, news videos, parts of documentaries, etc) are shown on this website for educational purposes only. In case you are the copyright or intellectual owner of one or several of these pictures or videos that are shown on this website for educational purposes only and you believe that by showing your pictures and/or videos for educational purposes your copyright or intellectual rights are infringed, please do not hesitate to contact us. The necessary will be done to remove your pictures and/or videos from this site.



Several historical figures contributed to the Historiks website as they had a (positive or negative) impact on our history. Some of them are: